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ganesh chaturthi

How to please Lord Ganesha?

Lord Ganesha has many sobriquets that depict the different roles he plays.
Maha Ganapathy which means the omnipotent and the powerful one.
Vighneshwara or Vignaharta which means the remover of obstacles.
Kshipra Ganapati is the one who acts quickly and Siddhivinayaka, the one who is the bestower of success.

Ganesha is a synonym for wisdom, vast intellect and perfect understanding.
Lord that removes obstacles, relieves one of their bad karma and bestows them with blessings in the form of wisdom wealth and prosperity.
Ganesh Chaturthi stands as a perfect occasion to pray to Please  Lord Ganesha and the time where all obstacles from our path can be removed, paving a path to victory.

Those obstacles may just be our unwanted thoughts that block our paths.
He saves those thoughts in an unwanted part of our mind. While the Visarjan these thoughts are then transferred to Vishnu, where Vishnu is symbolised by water, who comprehends our thoughts.

Therefore, Ganesha Chaturthi symbolizes getting rid of the unwanted thoughts that Please Lord Ganesha stored throughout the year, which are symbolized by the Ganesha idol made of Clay.

May Lord Ganesha bless us all!