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Astrologer Ridhi bahl

Why pour milk on shivling during Shravan?

There is always a reason behind the rituals that we are asked to perform, pouring milk on the Shivling is no different.

In the Hindu belief, the lingam is seen as a symbol of the energy and potential of Shiva himself. Shiva is not the destroyer of the world bu the destroyer of impurity, the purifier of the world.

Even the worst kind of energies get purified with his grace. The popular belief says that pouring milk on the Shivling appeases Lord Shiva and he takes away all our worries and makes our life full of happiness, but on the contrary, there is a scientific reason behind it all.

In the Shravan month or the rainy season a person’s Vata component gets higher in proportion and even is seen the same in the cattle, hence the Milk produced is high in Vata, which in modern times may lead to Viral infections. Thus the milk is considered harmful during the Shravan Month.
Since Shiva is the purifier and known to consume the poison which came our during Samudra Manthan ( Churning of the Oceans ), it became customary to offer whatever is poisonous to Lord Shiva.
Om Shanti