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Astrological Combinations For Speculation

Astrological Combinations For Speculation

Astrological combinations for speculation (profit /loss)

Out of thousands of speculators involved in the market, a small percentage of them is successful. Some people have the natural talent for speculation and mint money easily. Several others seem to struggle and lose money consistently. Speculation is a mind game and cosmic powers do influence our thoughts and actions. So what is this called luck or X factor? Let us examine what are the planets and houses involved in speculative gains.

Planets representing stock market.

  • Jupiter is the significator of wealth and Mercury the significator of the Stock market.
  • Jupiter also indicates gains from banks, banking shares, money, gold, and precious saleable items like diamonds and precious stones.
  • Mercury –indicates sudden gains from intellects or through speculations especially the stock market.
  • Moon: gains from liquid or glazy types of things.
  • Rahu: Triggers the unexpected events in life, sudden gains from unethical sources, fluctuating gains 

 Houses in the horoscope dealing with stock market 

  • In astrology 5th house rules speculation so a benefic or favorable planet in the 5th house will give native success in speculations.
  • 8th house rules sudden rise or fall, strong 8th house will give sudden gains through speculations or lottery or similar means.
  • 2nd house rules wealth, 11th house gains, and 12th house rule losses, so if there is a connection between 2nd and 12th house /lord then loss of wealth through speculation can be predicted.
  • 9th house –house of luck and fortune.

Combinations one needs to have for gains through stock market:

1) Connection of 5th house 2nd house and 11th with each other will lead to gains. The stronger the connection ,more gains one will get

2)Exchange between the lords of 2nd house and 11th house which are houses of wealth

3) A well placed Jupiter and Mercury in the  horoscope  will surely ensure gains through speculation.

4) Lord of 8th house which is house of sudden gains well placed or connected with 2nd or 5th house which are wealth giving house also leads to gains through stocks.        

Combination for losses:

  • If the moon is heavily afflicted in a person’s horoscope it indicates a person being fickle-minded, such people should refrain from the stock market and taking risks.
  • Sun-Rahu placed in the 1st/5th /9th house and not expected by Jupiter can lead to losses.
  • Lord of 5th/9th /11th house placed in 12th house of a horoscope indicates losses
  • Retrograde planet of 6th /11th house placed in 12 the signifies losses