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About Astrologer Ridhi Bahl

Ridhi Bahl - delhi astrologer, vastu services in india and abroad
Her Royal Lineage

Astrologer Ridhi Bahl —

Hailing from the distinguished lineage of the Royal Astrologers of Jaipur, Ridhi Bahl, top astrologer in India, is the great-granddaughter of the esteemed Pandit Madhusudan Ojha. Pandit Ji, a man of great wisdom and knowledge, served as the personal astrologer to Maharaja Madho Singh Ji, the erstwhile king of Jaipur. In recognition of his profound expertise, the Maharaja bestowed upon him the prestigious title of Vidyavachaspati. The Maharaja held Pandit Ji’s counsel in high regard, and it was his practice to seek his advice before making any significant decisions. This tradition underscored the immense trust and respect that the Maharaja had for Pandit Ji’s astrological acumen. Meet RidhiBahl, top astrologer in India, expert Vedic astrology consultation, janam kundali, career guidance & birth chart services in Noida .

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Unveiling the Cosmos through Astrology and Vastu

Professionally trained, Ridhi has acquired deep knowledge and insight in the field of Astrology & Vastu with 20 years of intense research. Acknowledged worldwide for her accurate and precise predictions, she has been felicitated for her contribution to Astrology by the then President of India, Sh. Ram Nath Kovid in the year 2018. Meet RidhiBahl, top astrologer in India, expert Vedic astrology consultation, janam kundali, career guidance & birth chart services in Noida .

Carrying forward the family legacy, Ridhi pursued a two-year course in Astrology and Vastu under the tutelage of Sri K.N Rao (one of the greatest Astrologers of India) from Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan and acquired the degree of ‘Acharya’. Ridhi has done her schooling from the prestigious Maharani Gayatri Devi Girls School in Jaipur and further went on to pursue M.B.A from Symbiosis Institute of Management.

Ridhi is considered one of the top-notch Astrologers in the country, the one who has done her Ph.D. in Astrology and Vastu. Her numerous years of experience and research in various branches of Astrology have given her professional edge in Predictive Astrology, Mundane Astrology, Medical Astrology, and, Prashn Kundali. With intensive research in Vastu for over two decades, Ridhi has to her credit more than 5000 case studies of successful Vastu amendments that include commercial, industrial, and residential projects. To add to her skills, she provides Vastu solutions without making any structural changes.

Guiding her clients on the path of happiness and prosperity, the Vastu way; Ridhi understands the pain points and completely handholds them throughout the entire Vastu remediation process.

Ridhi’s professional training in the field of Astrology & Vastu is backed by close to two decades of exhaustive research and eulogized by several awards and accolades she has garnered over the years. She has been trusted and consulted by a huge clientele including who’s who from the world of entertainment, politics, corporates, and business houses.

Her Royal Lineage

Pandit Madhusudan Ojha —

Pandit Madhusudan Ojha, an institution in himself of Sanskrit language, Astrology, and Vedic scriptures; astrologers from worldwide sought his guidance. He was the Royal Astrologer of Maharaja Savai Madhav Singh (Second) of Jaipur. Pandit Ji was given the title of ‘Vidyavachaspati’ by Maharja and he would consult Pandit Ji for every critical decision. The fact that even the spiritual genius Swami Vivekanand deliberated Vedic scriptures & Hindu philosophy with him, and he went on to deliver a lecture at Oxford University , London (1902). This establishes him as the greatest scholar of his time. His legacy still carries on, as a research cell has been established in his name at the Jai Narayan Vyas (JNVU) University, Jodhpur the department of Sanskrit and his books are a part of syllabus of many universities across the country.

Ridhi Bahl - delhi astrologer, vastu services in india and abroad

The Luminous Legacy of a Royal Astrologer

Pandit Madhusudan Ojha was born in 1866 in a village named Gadaha in Bihar. After staying in the village for 8 years, he moved with his paternal uncle to Jaipur, who was given royal property by Maharaja Ramsingh of Jaipur. From his childhood, he demonstrated exceptional intellect, knowledge, and spiritual radiance, so much so that even Maharaja was highly impressed.

He moved to Kashi (Varanasi) for higher studies and started studying at Darbhanga Sanskrit School. It was this time that he mastered many subjects like grammar, law, epistemology, literature, and Vedanta under the guidance of Pandit Shivkumar Shastri.

During the times of Maharaja Savai Madhav Singh (Second), Pandit Ojha joined the ‘Dharamsabha’ as a member and later became its President. So impressed was the Maharaja with the talent of Pandit Ojha that he appointed him as the Royal Astrologer. One of the closest allies of the Maharja, Pandit Madhusudan was among the nine gems of the Royal court.

With a repertoire of knowledge, gradually from across the country and even overseas, people started getting attracted to his deep wisdom and he became popular as the “Modern Ved Vyas” of India. In the historic England tour of the Coronation ceremony of Prince Edward VII in 1902, Pandit Madhusudan accompanied the Maharaj of Jaipur Madhav Singh. Sanskrit scholars of England were so impressed by his knowledge that he soon became the talk of the town. Scholars from the world’s greatest institutions such as Oxford and Cambridge acknowledged that Vedas were scientific in all aspects.

Pandit Madhusudan Ojha has written over 200 books. He may not be alive today, but his guiding light through his wisdom, intellect, research, and knowledge of the Sanskrit language and Vedic scriptures is glowing brightly as ever. Meet RidhiBahl, top astrologer in India, expert Vedic astrology consultation, janam kundali, career guidance & birth chart services in Noida . 

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