What is Astrology


Astrology and Vastu, which is very scientific and is a topic which fascinates most of us can be of help to us in our day to day life. There are lots of myths surrounding this subject, and most of us fall trap to the wrong kind of people (traditional pandits) and complicate the situation.  I stress on how we can solve our small problems which if overlooked become big in life whether personal or professional. All of us have problems big or small, personal or professional and if right guidance is given at the right time, it makes life much easier.


Astrology is no magic but is logic and how this logic can help each one of us overcome our hurdles and be successful in life. We have to manage a lot of things at home, kids, our health, relationships and most importantly our careers and aspirations. There are times with most of us when we feel lonely, disoriented and would like to seek some guidance and get a peek into the future. Astrology has been a part of our culture we all connect with it, also Vastu which is of great help especially in professional matters, how by just making some changes in your office or factory can bring about positive changes in the output and attitude of the employees

same applies to your home as well. There are so many things people talk about mantra's upays, Manglik  Sadhesaatee, how you and I are affected by these things and how we can change our own destiny. Apart from all this, there is a very interesting field in astrology know as medical astrology which is of immense help to any age group.


Astrology also plays an important part as far as guidance for career is concerned whether choosing the right career for our kids or for us or whether it is bringing about the right changes in our career. Relationship issues whether with a spouse, in-laws, kids, and employees. Financial issues like this there are so many things in which astrology can be of help, act as a guide.



What I Do?

Match Making & Gun Milaan

Matchmaking or Kundli Milan is probably the most important thing in India while looking for the right partner for marriage. Most of the times in-depth analysis is not done and even after matching kundlis marriages break. It is important to check the gunas but it is all the more important to study both the horoscopes individually so as to check any dosh which should be considered while deciding the future of marriage or a relationship. If you get your horoscopes matched only as per the Gun Milan system then probably you are at risk. If you want me to match your horoscope with someone you are planning to get married, you can write to me.


Love & Marriage Compatibility

Everybody wants to know what is store in his life regarding his love, relationship, and marriage. Will you find your soul-mate in this life? If so, when will it happen? How are your relationships going to be? Would you marry someone wealthy? Would you be happy in love? Are you marrying a player or a loyal person? Are you a single partner person or are you flirtatious? Should you terminate the present relationship? Find answers to all these questions. 


Health Problems

In today’s world, everybody wants good health because without good health nobody can enjoy his life.  You can get health predictions through your horoscope. Is there any indication of serious disease in your horoscope? Will future Dash & Anter-Dasha harm your health? What are the solutions with remedies? To know all your queries about your health you can have my health service help.


Education, Career Predictions

Does the planetary combination are good for your chosen education field? Will your planets help you to choose the right career? Will you be successful in your business? Or you have a weak planetary position in your horoscope which is putting obstacles to achieve your goal? 

Get your birthchart analysis done,


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