5 Vastu Signs to Look for in apartments

Consider these rules to make things going right before purchasing a flat or apartment. Vastu recommend some essential tips regarding construction and direction of flat or apartment while if you are interested in existing flat then Vastu offers rules regarding existing flat as well.

Vastu for apartments: With population growing rapidly and accommodation shrinking, so apartments have started coming up .Some people express the doubt that an apartment is high above the ground and so what is the need of vastu for it . In fact it is on the ground or above generally the base which it stands on the ground only .Earth is solid and stationary among the five elements, the remaining four elements spread over the entire place. So vastu is equally important for apartments.

The Architecture of apartments should follow the guidelines laid by vastu shastra or it can have a damaging affect on our lives . Vastu aims at making our lives comfortable . Even if we cannot follow 100% vastu rules it is advisable to follow at least the basic vastu principles, which will bring progress and peace to the dwellers.

1) The master bedrooms should be in the south west corner of the house .If the house has more than one floor ,then the master bedroom should be on the topmost floor .The ceiling should be in the level :as it makes the energy of the room uniform and helps the occupant keep a steady state of mind.

2) The drawing room should be in northwest ,south or west. As per the vastu principles southwest direction should always be heavier then the rest of the directions ,so place heavy furniture in the south west direction.

3) The kids room should be in the northwest .use light colours on the walls using bright colours will make the child self centered. The study table should be put in such a manner that when a child is studying he should be facing the east direction.

4) The kitchen should be in the southeast .The cook should face east while cooking ,if done so the food will be tasty also there will never be problems related to digestion. Daily wastes from the kitchen should be kept covered in the southwest corner of the kitchen. Storage of grains and other provisions should be done in the south direction.

5) Toilets should be in northwest or southeast directions .Toilets should be strictly avoided in the northeast direction. The bore well should be dug in the north east. Open area in northeast should be used as parking.

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