Are you worried about Delay in marriage or Marital Issues?

Marriage is considered to be very sacred relationship in Indian culture. If we think on very practical ground marriage also fulfills certain needs - at emotional, physical, psychological and social level. But with modern lifestyle and changes in priorities we see lot of late marriages. Delay in marriage might lead a path to marital issues like divorce, couples living apart, sour relationship between couple and their in laws etc.

Finding a life partner is not easy and people are giving more priority to getting settled first and looking for someone with whom you feel compatible with. But is it all only related to the mental inhibitions or the social situations ? Is there another angle to the entire scenario? What role does astrology play when it comes to marriage, esp delay in marriage ?

Is Manglik dosh really inauspicious and bad for marriage?

What are the reasons behind delay in marriage or marital problems ? What is the logic behind kundli matching before marriage ?

Even after putting lot of efforts sometimes we still don’t get a perfect life partner for us.

For that we need to check what are the reasons behind it such as:

1. What are the planetary position and combination related to marriage?

2. Does you kundli show sign of late marriage?

3. Is there any chance of second marriage or divorce?

4. Will it be a Love Marriage or Arrange Marriage?

5. Are any dosha in kundli creating obstacles, like Mangal Dosha etc? And is it truly relevant and applicable ?

6. Even after the remedies why the things are not working in your favor?

7. When will you get married? How will be your married life?

8. Does matching horoscope or kundli before marriage will clear the confusion?

9. Is there any chance of extra marital affair of your partner after marriage?

10. Should you give your troubled marriage a chance?

And if you’re facing any of the above issues or you have any other concern related to Marriage Life or Delay in Marriage, confusion regarding doshas like manglik dosh, get guidance and solutions to get rid of your worries.


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