Jupiter Transit 2019: Jupiter in Sagittarius – Effects on 12 zodiac Signs

Jupiter Transit In Sagittarius 2019 - In 2019, at 3:09 am on 30th March, Jupiter will exit the Scorpio sign and enter Sagittarius and Jupiter retrograde 2019 will start on 11th April 2019 and the planet will re-enter Scorpio on 22nd April 2019. Find out how the 12 Moon Signs will get affected due to the present transit.

Why is planet Jupiter important - Astrology predicts human destiny by studying the movements of the planets. Well, Jupiter stands out as one of the most important planets in the armour of both Astrology and Astronomy. In fact, Jupiter is considered the chief planet in the planetary cabinet. Jupiter takes 1 year to complete one rashi (astrological) cycle. The planet is also known as Jeev, Angirta, Vachaspati, Brihaspati, Tridivesh and Sadguru. It is the lord of Punarvasu, Vishakha and Purva Bhadrapad constellations.

Guru represents the balance of domestic life, offspring, wisdom, learning, growth. If Jupiter is high in a particular zodiac sign, it brings progress and prosperity. There’s also a paradox with this planet, as it can swing wildly from the wise teacher to the self-indulgent nomad archetype.

Check out below what will be the impact of Jupiter's transit on 12 moon signs:

Jupiter Transit In Sagittarius 2019 For Aries

- Jupiter Transit In the 9th House

For Aries natives, Jupiter will transit in the 9th house in its own sign Sagittarius. This will be auspicious for Aries natives. You will be spiritually inclined. Besides, you are likely to travel to a foreign country . However, you may face a few hindrances in your travel. The equation between you and your father may get more cordial, as per Jupiter transit 2019 predictions.

You will enjoy good health and see yourself progress in life. You will be filled with energy & enthusiasm. Students will progress in education and curricular activities. Your performance at workplace will get better. You may also get influenced by spirituality. Singles might find a soul mate. You will be at ease and without worry, according to Jupiter transit 2019.

Jupiter Transit In Sagittarius 2019 For Taurus

- Jupiter Transit In the 8th House

The transit of Jupiter in the 8th house for Taurus natives will give moderate results. Health issues are on the cards. Professionally you will not be able to focus yourself towards your work. In domestic life, you might face differences in the opinion with the spouse. The equation between you and your mother is going to Improve. You will likely to control your expenditures on worthless stuff; it might maintain your financial health.

You may gain by inheritance of ancestral property. You might be careful in making investments in the fixed assets.

You will be inclined towards occult sciences, which will bring you out from the real world.

You will find in you a personality change, for the better. You will be more polite and humble while dealing with strangers. Do you want to know how this Jupiter Transit will affect your future? contact me.

Jupiter Transit In Sagittarius 2019 For Gemini

- Jupiter Transit In the 7th House

Jupiter will transit in the 7th house which is its governing place for the people born under the Gemini sign. This might be beneficial in terms of business growth and harmony in domestic life and satisfaction in workplace. You may get rewards and recognition. Even business owners will enjoy a cordial relationship with their partners.

If you are planning marriage, you are likely to get engaged or may even get married during this transit. You will enjoy good health and will recover from an ailment.

  Disputes with the spouse will likely to be settled. Singles will likely to find a soul mate. In this period, your lifestyle will be full of leisure, lavish and quality

Jupiter Transit In Sagittarius 2019 For Cancer

- Jupiter Transit In the 6th House

There will be a mixed bag scenario for Cancer natives. You will get to follow your schedule without any disruption. You may get an opportunity for a better job. Are you concerned as to how will this Jupiter Transit affect your life? Get Jupiter Transit Consultation and know your future.

If you are planning to go overseas, your efforts will pay off. You will need to take due care that you do not suffer because of your laziness. Even business owners will see progress in their profession. But you are advised to be careful from competitors and hidden enemies. You will save a good amount of money for a rainy day. You will spend quality time with your family members and loved ones. In domestic life, you are advised to avoid an argument on worthless topics. On the work front, with the help of patience, you might get promotions.


Jupiter Transit In Sagittarius 2019 For Leo

- Jupiter Transit In the 5th House

This position indicates blessings, positivity and prosperity in your life. You will be rewarded for your hard work and you might get a good position in your job. You will meet influential people in your area of work. Students might get admission in premium institutes accordingly. You might welcome a child as a new member of your family. You may be inclined towards spirituality & religion. Your confidence will be high, which help you to sustain in the adverse situation. Financially this transit will open your extra sources of income, which will boost your bank balance.

Jupiter Transit In Sagittarius 2019 For Virgo

- Jupiter Transit In the 4th House

This phase may not be favorable for you. You may develop differences with your mother. Your focus might be tested many times, it will be your challenge to avoid yourself to be scattered from your goals. Many disappointments will come into the day to day life. You shall be careful in making investments in fixed assets, they might convert into disputed assets. You are advised to keep an eye on people around, you might be a victim of a conspiracy. You might have a lack of luxury and lavish life. Practice meditation and yoga to keep yourself balanced.

Jupiter Transit In Sagittarius 2019 For Libra

- Jupiter Transit In the 3rd House

Jupiter will transit in the 3rd house for natives of Libra sign. This may not be favorable to you. This house stands for hard work and determination. You may change your decisions frequently. Don't fall pray to lethargy and laziness. This may delay the results and you may not get what you want. Your bonding with younger siblings may continue to be strong. You will also enjoy good bonding with your spouse. Besides, you may get a visa to visit your foreign country.There might be some changes in your job, place or responsibilities.

Jupiter Transit In Sagittarius 2019 For Scorpio

- Jupiter Transit In the 2nd House

Jupiter will transit in second house of scorpions, extremely favorable period for you. You will get good money as luck will favor you. You may even get unexpected financial benefits. You will expect some auspicious event in the family, which will bring happiness and harmony in the family. On the work front, extremely positive time will be there. You will use wisdom to take the right decision, which will result in double your business. If you are a salaried employee, you may bag promotion. You will enjoy a great equation with your subordinates and superiors. You will be able to clear all your debts. Your equation with your father will get better. . Make the most of your future. Take Jupiter Transit Consultation. 

Jupiter Transit In Sagittarius 2019 For Sagittarius

- Jupiter Transit In the 1st House

As Jupiter will transit in the 1st house for Sagittarius natives. It will be an extremely favorable, auspicious and beneficial time for you. You may see changes in the areas like love & relationship. You may get into an intimate relationship with someone from the opposite gender. If you are married, you will enjoy great chemistry with your partner.

There will be a vital force guiding you through. If you are a businessperson, you will enjoy a cordial relationship with your partner and your business will flourish. You are likely to get a visa if you have applied for one. All in all, you should stay attentive to your financial planning & commitments. You will enjoy your every moment in this period.

Jupiter Transit In Sagittarius 2019 For Capricorn

- Jupiter Transit In the 12th House

Jupiter will transit in your 12th house for those of you who are born under the Capricorn sign. The happenings will be average. You will feel dull and unhealthy.

You may get inclined towards spirituality and even spend a good amount of money in charity. Your investments may not pay well. Your expenditure will be increased, which may affect your savings. Hence, you are advised to take due care before making any financial commitment or you may end being sued for the same. You may get a chance to travel abroad.

Jupiter Transit In Sagittarius 2019 For Aquarius

- Jupiter Transit In the 11th House

Jupiter will transit in the eleventh house from your zodiac. You will enjoy a good time, balance and harmony with your loved one, whether you are married or otherwise. You will take important decisions, with utmost confidence and receive desired success in career, business or even on the personal front.

Your income may increase, which will add to your wealth. Besides, you may also enjoy a great equation with your siblings and seek their affection & support. You are more likely to recover from chronic ailments.

Jupiter Transit In Sagittarius 2019 For Pisces

- Jupiter Transit In the 10th House

The transiting Jupiter will be moving over your 10th house. This is considered to be Jupiter’s own house.. On the financial front, your standing is likely to improve. You will be able to pay off your debts. You are also advised to be careful in the fixed asset investments. Besides, if your mother has been suffering from an illness, she is more likely to recover. On the work front, your subordinates will be more cooperative. You will meet deadlines and set an example for others

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