Mars Retrograde

Mars the significator of energy, siblings ,courage, competitiveness ,blood flow in the body, anger, physical activities like sports ,dance, turns retrograde –means appear to be moving backward. On 26 June 2018 mars has become retrograde. So how will it have an impact on us –our energies will turn inwards for example one will be hesitant about taking action, will not trust our instincts. One will not express his anger and as a result it will lead to negativity ,depression, resentment.

So our goal during this period should not be, simple sit on our impulse rather understand our impulse , enthusiasm , inner courage and the ways we go about getting what we want from life.

When mars is retrograde, it reaches an opposition aspect to the sun yet is closet to earth .This suggests that a completely new perspective on our desires, anger and motivation is possible during this period we can more clearly see the differences between what we feel we should do and what we want to do and this can lead to greater insight into how we’re managing our lives.

Avoid pushing matters or throwing yourself into something entirely new. There is no reason to suspend your projects during a mars retrograde period. Reworking and redefining current projects may be especially satisfying ,and ultimately very rewarding.

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