Vastu Guidelines for choosing colors.

Updated: May 20, 2018

Colours according to vastu shastra plays a important role in bringing balance to ours mind as well bodies and to stimulate energy .Colours enhances the ability to take decisions carefully and cheerfully .Therefore colours in a Home, Office ,Factory and showroom should be coordinated with the colours of elements and planets associated with different directions as it helps stimulate mood ,give good health and makes one content. The colours we choose bear a special responsibility as they reflect our inner personality and life’s approach.


People respond to the energy of colours around them, either positively or negatively. Preferably, colours in our surroundings should be subtle and pleasant. They should not be very bright and stimulating. In Vastu Shastra, specific colours have been prescribed for each room. This is because each room has a specific function.

Here are some guidelines on particular colours which will help you to choose the right Vastu colour for every room.

1) Bed Room :Light colours are suitable for bedroom .Pink, Blue, Green ,Gray and Lavander in their lighter shades keep the rooms tranquil and induce good sleep .Pink or Cream coloured tiles or marble are good for flooring.

2)Drawing Room: The best colours for living room are yellow ,light orange ,light green or light blue or as per direction of the hall.

3) Kitchen: Kitchen must have some tinge of red in it depicting fire. White or Blue are suitable for walls and flooring. Orange can be good colour for kitchen as it is a healing colour and it increases the craving for food.

4) Dinning Room: Blue is ideal ,shades of green and pink is also suitable .As this being the family room these colours stimulate the mind and calms down violence.

5) Guest Room: For active and pleasant atmosphere prefer yellow , green, blue ,orange or lavender in their lighter shades.

6) Study room: To improve concentration and for pleasantness opt for green, blue ,light purple which also improve memory.

7) Children’s room : use Green colour for kids room as it encourages concentration. Bright colours are suitable for baby rooms be it pink, blue, yellow orange and purple.

8) Bath room: White , light grey ,pink or any pastel shade is suitable. Use colours as per direction of toilet.

9) Health: Green drives away anxiety ,blue cures insomnia ,Red solves your weight problem, Orange improves your appetite ,pink relives from tension and yellow improves memory. Some colours add zest to life and give positive attitude where as some colours act the opposite way.

Each colour is linked with a particular part of human body and will affect emotionally, physically and mentally .It has been scientifically proved that colours influence us, though we might not be aware of it .Our mood ,Health Happiness all are affected by the colours around us. Also, in astrology there is a great significance given to colors according to specific zodiac signs. Know more ..