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Updated: Apr 24, 2019

10th February, 2019 (Sunday)

Saraswati Puja Muhurat For New Delhi, India

Puja Muhurat :07:03:57 to 12:35:38

Duration :5 Hour 31 Minute

Saraswati Puja, also known as Basant Panchmi, is celebrated on the fifth day (Panchami Tithi) of the Shukla Paksh of the Hindu month of Magha. Goddess Saraswati is worshiped for knowledge, intellect, wisdom, music and art. It is believed that worshiping Goddess Saraswati in the bright fortnight of the month of Magha (fifth day) brings prosperity and intelligence to the devotee.

The day of Saraswati Puja is also called as Abujha Muhurat i.e; the most auspicious Muhurat. Goddess Saraswati is worshiped after Lord Ganesha and emplacement of Pot (Kalash). Recitation of Saraswati Stotra gives very powerful results.

The Dhyan Mantra to worship the Goddess of wisdom, Saraswati -

या कुंदेंदु-तुषार-हार-धवला, या शुभ्रा - वस्त्रावृता, या वीणा - वार - दण्ड - मंडित - करा, या श्वेत - पद्मासना। या ब्रह्माच्युत - शङ्कर - प्रभृतिभिर्देवै: सदा वन्दित, सा मां पातु सरस्वती भगवती नि: शेष - जाड्यापहा।।

The above Mantra means the Goddess Saraswati is as bright as the flower of Kund and as bright as white pearl. She is holding the harp (Veena) which enhances her beauty as she is sitting on the lotus. Lord Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar worship her for her knowledge and wisdom. We wish and pray that Goddess Saraswati blesses us with knowledge and protect us from the evil.

Importance of Chanting Saraswati Mantras -

Goddess Saraswati is one of the trinity of Saraswati, Lakshmi & Parvati. She is believed to be the wife of Lord Brahma (the creator of universe). Being the husband of Goddess Saraswati, Lord Brahma is also known as Vaagish (Lord of Speech and Sound). Chanting Saraswati mantra regularly improves memory, speech, and concentration in studies. It has the power to eliminate ignorance and confusion and bestow intelligence to the devotee. There are various Saraswati mantras to improves speech, memory and concentration in studies. Know more about it in my next blog on Most Powerful Saraswati Mantras to acquire knowledge and intelligence and Benefits of Chanting Saraswati Mantra.