1) Mirrors:

A mirror is considered as a biggest Vastu defect remedy tool. The mirror has the ability to attract unimagined fortunes ,wealth and happiness. However if mirrors in a home violates the rules and guidelines of Vastu then they become a magnet to misfortunes.Keep these things in mind while using a mirror;

A) Avoid oval and round shaped mirrors .

B) Avoid hanging a mirror near the study table in children’s room ,as it makes them to loose concentration in studies.

Mirror Vastu Tips for home

C) Never place mirror opposite to one another as it causes impatience and increases restless energy.

2) War scenes :

War scenes from Ramayana and Mahabharata should not be kept at home .Such paintings depict rivalry among family members.

Never Place War Pictures - Vastu Tip by Ridhi Bahl

3) Taj Mahal :

Any show piece or image of Taj mahal should not be kept at home it is a grave and symbolise death and passivity .People recognise it as epitome of love it is actually the grave of Mumtaz mahal.

Ridhi Bahl Vastu Tips for Home

4 ) Broken idols or mirror :

Do not keep broken glass ,broken mirror and broken image or statue of god and goddess in your home.

Dont keep broken mirror at home

5 ) Never place Devi Maha Laxmi's idol /statue/picture facing outwards as it is considered outflow of wealth from home.

Ridhi Bahl Vastu Tips