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Vastu Shastra Services for home

Vastu Purush is the bestower of Health, Wealth, Harmony and Happiness and he is the God of enclosed space. Thus activating this divinity and following the discipline of Vastu Shashtra negates all the Vastu Dosha present and gives the desired results to the person dwelling in that space.


Vastu is a holistic science which is in sync with 5 elements and various energies that comes from the atmosphere like solar energy, cosmic energy, lunar energy, thermal energy, magnetic energy, light energy, wind energy. Vastu guides the individual towards the best way to live in synergy with the five elements of nature. A balance is required for a positive and productive environment. Imbalance of a direction is the root cause of pain and problem in the related areas of life. Imbalances are due to the placement of activities, appliances, decorative and colors in inappropriate directions, etc. 


People normally are not aware of the science behind Vastu Shastra and how to read the directions correctly.


Home Visits usually starts with a systematic diagnosis method to get clarity on Vastu related root cause of pain in each area of life followed by explaining you about basic directions, significance, and power of these directions, analyzing where the directions are placed in your apartment or residence building structure and making you aware of the Vastu defects if any.


Right from scanning the entrance to each and every part of your house, I explain all the fixed Vastu defects that your residence flat or bungalow has followed by deciding the Vastu remedy treatment which generally includes correcting entrance, treating activities, rooms and toilets, placing right objects at right place, creating energy fields of Vastu Purush Mandal and controlling planetary effects, etc.


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